Looking for the Finest Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Pregnancy is celebrated by women all over the world. Other women find it a dream come true, especially when they have decided to make a family of their own. However, it can also be a risk because pregnancy might be the reason why women lose their jobs. If you stay in Los Angeles, you are aware that some employers terminate their pregnant employees. If you have been pregnant and your company wants to terminate you, you better look for a pregnancy discrimination attorney. If you have heard about Riggins Law, you better visit its company website for more information.

If you browse its website, you will know that the company has represented various pregnant women. It is indeed horrific to know that women are being discriminated against because employers think they cannot work well because of their condition. It is indeed difficult to think that you might lose your job because you are celebrating your womanhood. You must file for a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. Since it is a stressful time for you, the legal service provider will be with you on your journey. Employers in California are familiar with pregnancy discrimination, but your company may still insist on terminating you.

What you like about Riggins Law is that it gives you an idea about pregnancy discrimination. By reading, you become aware that firing an employee due to childbirth and pregnancy is unlawful. If you also aim at getting a job, you must know that employers shall not refuse you a job because of your pregnancy. If you have been employed and asked for accommodations for your pregnancy, the company shall also not demote you. If ever they do, you must speak with a discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles.

You have been working well for the future of your kids. As a working pregnant woman, you find it quite difficult to attend to both your personal needs and the company’s needs, but you do not have any choice. It is proper that the company helps you because you are preparing for birth. Companies may feel that you are a liability because they cannot demand too much work from you. Besides, they will also provide benefits, especially if you ask to leave for several months. However, it is your right to enjoy motherhood when it happens. The company must recognize it because it is your right.

You need to ask for a free consultation when the company fires you. You can get the contact details on the website. If you contact them through the contact page, you must provide your full name, electronic mail address, telephone number, city, state, zip code, job title, annual compensation, and message. You want to talk to Christa L. Riggins, the attorney. Since she is a woman, she can easily empathize with you. If you want to learn more about the company, you may also read some testimonials. If you want to know more about your rights, you may also read some blog posts on the website.

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