Factors to Consider when Hiring an Elderly Law Attorney

When your loved one is in a nursing home they may not qualify for Medicaid. The reason is, their income and assets are too high. The social workers may have provided incorrect information about the eligibility of Medicaid because they don’t understand the complexities of its rules. Medicaid eligibility rules are restrictive and complex. During a time of crisis, it can be overwhelming to navigate the application and plan the process. There are levels of resources and income you should have to benefit in a nursing home. If your income exceeds the Medicaid limits you will not get the nursing home benefits. In such a scenario, consider hiring an elderly law attorney to help you determine if you qualify for the benefits as quickly as possible. To ensure you hire the best elderly law attorney, you may consider the following factors.

Find about their experience. It is essential to hire a lawyer with a high level of experience in Medicaid law. Therefore, consult how long they have been in the same field providing services to the elderly. An attorney with more than ten years of practicing Medicaid law is perfect for your issue. Such a lawyer understands the problems that occur in the process and how to navigate them. Also, they are up-to-date with the rules of Medicaid law that keep changing from time to time. An experienced attorney has the necessary resources to help them research your case. To have your case solved faster and receive your nursing home benefits on time, consider hiring a skilled elderly law attorney.

Assess their customer service. When you are dealing with a crisis that involves the health of your loved one, you want a lawyer who is responsive and professional. When approaching the lawyer, check if they are professional and polite to their clients. Also, confirm if they take time to explain the Medicaid law process to ensure you have a good understanding. Contacting them is also essential to check if they return your emails and calls on time. A reputable elderly law attorney should follow the things they have promised to do. Choosing a lawyer with good customer service is a sign you will receive quality services as per your expectations. They ensure you receive your nursing home benefits at the right time and help solve the issues arising.

Check their credentials. With plenty of different lawyers in the legal field, you may choose an unqualified attorney if you don’t check their credentials. The elderly law attorney you hire should have a certificate issued by a recognized law institution. Most states have a state bar association website where you can check their name and see if they are certified. Also, ensure they are licensed to practice elderly law in your state. Through the state bar of association, you can see if the lawyer has been disciplined in the past. A certified elderly lawyer means they are well-trained, qualified, and skilled. In addition, you can trust their legal services and any advice they give. Dealing with a legit elderly lawyer will ensure you receive your benefits in a nursing home fast.

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