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An Attorney Can Provide The Family Law Help You Need

Many people never anticipate a divorce, child custody battle, or filing legal papers for their child to receive child support from the other parent. The fact is, these types of situations are very common, and an individual should contact an experienced family law attorney for sound advice. Individuals who have been in a situation involving domestic violence or child abuse should seek assistance as quickly as possible to protect themselves. If a mother or father of a child needs to establish paternity for visitation or child support, a family law attorney will guide them through the process.


Divorce laws can differ from one state to another and an individual should be familiar with the requirements. Even if an individual lives in the state, they will need to file in the county they lived in. They may have to file in another state if they recently moved to the new …

Things to Understand Before Filing Bankruptcy

In principle, all assets of a debtor fall into a bankruptcy estate, no matter where it is located on the earth and whether or not it is a protected right. However, due to regulations in federal laws, the debtor possesses wage and homestead exemption. This includes pensions, disability, and insurance benefits, all of which are usually excluded from the bankruptcy process.

In some states, there are also no quantitative limits for residential buildings, so that even million-dollar properties can be seized during bankruptcy. When it comes to an “automatic stay,” claims are no longer permitted by the creditors.


The bankruptcy process is divided according to their rank among creditors:

  • Secured creditors
  • Primary creditor (distribution costs incurred by the bankruptcy petition consists of liabilities, job claims, tax debts, etc.)
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Financial penalties, fines, and shareholders

In the last few years, the economic situation in the US has developed negatively. …

A So-Called Miracle Mineral with a Malevolent Secret

More than 150 years ago, a miraculous material was discovered deep within the Earth’s crust. Though it didn’t look much different from other raw minerals at first glance, deeper digging uncovered some interesting details. For one, this material was actually made up of thousands of tiny fibers rather than granules or other components. Further studies ensued, and the supposed full magnitude of this substance’s powers came forth.

Multiple Attributes in a Minimalistic Package

Upon further examination, scientists learned this element could hold in heat or cold while blocking the other. It also held the ability to repel flames, giving it a great deal of potential in entirely new fields. Aside from that, the recently discovered mineral was capable of withstanding exposure to a wide range of chemicals. Even more possibilities came to light.

What Happened Next?

With so much potential pent up in this mineral, it was bound for fame; …

Reviewing Common Requirements And Divorce Laws

In Oklahoma, divorce cases must meet state laws and prerequisites. The petitioner must meet specific requirements in order to file in the state. The divorce agreement must present an amicable solution that isn’t contested. A local attorney explains all common requirements and divorce laws.

Establishing Residency for the Petitioner

According to the state laws, the residency requirement is six months. At least one party must establish residency before filing for a divorce. The purpose of establishing residency is to allow the state of Oklahoma to take jurisdiction over the case. If neither party meets the residency requirements, the divorce is filed in their previous location.

Filing When Children are Involved

The court may impose a ninety-day waiting period for divorce cases that involve children. The judge could also require each parent to complete a parenting education program. The purpose of the program is to prepare the parents for the transition …